When I finished with my exams in school I had a feel that it will be my best summer.By the way I am sixteen and i wanted to check some things in my 'Before 16' list but if you ask me now I dont think that it worked.I wanted to change some habits in my life.To pay  time with friends. After two months that I didnt do anything I have a feel. I had birthday and that will be my chance.So my friendsorganise me a  surprise party in the sea and it was the most amazing day of my life.They planed the weekend and then "The day" became.When we arrived to Stavros we were so tired cause we had sleeped about only three hours but when we saw the sea and the sunlines that makes lights in the water we forgetted all the tiredness.The best part was when they I surprised saw the cake that they had make.We sleep around five in the other morning under the stars. I dont know if I will have again a same experiment or feelings but I know that I never forget these summer. If you want to know the continue it was really good. All day we where to the sea and we did everything we want.And then back the base with full energy and positive thoughts for the new season.

                                                                           Thanks for your attention.