This summer I went to Lefkada. I had a great time there because I was with my best friends Irene and Jim. Every morning we woke up and ate a satisfy breakfast . Then we went out to the plain and played with the ball or sometimes with my dog. At noon my mum told us to come for lunch. Afterwards we lied on beds, every summer I saw 'Hainty' on the laptop so at noons we saw 'Hainty'. At the evenings we went swimming in Kathisma beach. Kthisma is my favourite beach because the water is as cold as it must and never get mess of seaweed or rubbish. Most of the times the sea has huge wanes and rarely the waves are so big that is prohibited to swam. But its ok because I love waves and I learn how to react when there are. So at evening we went to playing with the waves. Also sometimes at the night we went to bars or staying home watching 'Hainty'. When Irene and Jim left I weft to Parga for tow days. I had fun because I was all day in the sea and swimming, sunbathing and sleeping on the sunbed. These is all I need on my holidays! My holidays were the best and I will try to spend my time like that and the next summer too!