Just when the school was over, I went to Crete where my sister studies,Biology,so we  have a house there.I spent there three weeks, and then I flew to Thessaloniki so I could go to Chalkidiki,where my camp is located.I go there for about six years I know the kids very well and have lots of friends.The camp lasts three weeks so when it was over my parents came to pick me up so we can go to my village,Kastania.I love going to my Village.It is located on mountain so get the opportunity to breathe fresh air and spent time with my lovely friends and relatives.And then we of course went to … Chalkidiki!!!! I also love going there because the beaches and the beach bars are totally amazing cause they are very crowded,so you meet new people.And that was pretty much how I spent my 2016 summer holidays!!!!!