My Summer Holidays

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Author: msfotini

My Summer Holidays

I went to Paros and Athens.



My Summer Holidays

I went to Paros. heart Every  day I went to the sea. coolThe sea was crystal blue and clear. angel

Every summer I go to the island of Paros. My mum is from there.

This summer I went to a lot of new places , too. yes

These are Loutraki, Karystos, Lechaina and Tzia. My dad is from Tzia.laugh

My summer was fantastic heart

Angela …

My summer holidays were super fun.cheekyWe went to my village Karistos.We were going to the beach every day.heart

At night we were going fore a walk at the port and then to the LOUNA PARK.coolWe were sleeping very late because we were at holidays and the other day was FREE!!!!!!winkWe were diving at the pool because now we are diving at the books!!!!!!yessurpriseangel



Summer Holidays

I went to Aigina. I lived at Amalia's house!

I played in the beach . I ate Pastichio and special cheese bread and many salads!!

My holidays weren't boring. THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL heartwink


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